We are a proud Microsoft Partner and authorized indirect reseller of Microsoft Products.


Please back-up Outlook and UNINSTALL ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF OFFICE BEFORE INSTALLATION. There was a directory in program files c:\program files\microsoft office 15. Remove the old files, if not, the computer will remember the old version and old keys.

Sometimes Office comes with the computer and creates conflict with the installation, which could cause frustration and assumption the Lifetime Digital Key not working, If you need assistance with Office Installation, please reach out via email to with your order number, phone number and best time to call as we can resolve most all installation issues to your satisfaction. You may reach out via skype STCOINC12

Download and Activation:

Sometimes, Keys get compromised and Microsoft deactivates those keys and issues replacement.  If you lose your key or your key is one of the compromised, we would appreciate, If you would please reach out to us at, provide your Order Number, Item purchased and We will send the Replacement Product Key.

Thank you for your Business